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:Contest Entry: Race by rko509
by rko509

Well the first thought that went through my mind when I saw this were that it was almost the opposite of a love screne, instead of walk...

I Won't Run From You... by DevilsDump

Let's do this then... Well the image certainly has a deep impact, you can instantly feel the emotions that would b flt as either of the...

Rainbow Dash by macalaniaa

Well I have to say first off, that the way you have used colours in this is simply astounding, everything seems to have a kind of light...

.:Chasing A Dream:. by Sketchi-Panda

To begin with: The style that you have done this piece in is perfect for the message you are trying to bring across, It is easy to imag...

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Oki doki then, considering you're taking your time to read my bio-y thing I better put some information here huh?

Well first things first, and like the most important:
I'm ginger, god isn't that awesome?
I'm also English, again, absolutely amazing.

I am a Brony (i.e. I like the cartoon show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).
I draw from time to time, don't really have any kind of schedule type thing to follow, reason being I could never keep to it ;-; Some of my drawings are Traditional, some of them are digital, I'm liable to change over at any point, don't come to expect things from me :P

Fluttershy is best pony.

I'm currently 17, and I have been at college for a year, my main studies are Music technology and Graphics, with sciences along the side. (English college that is, different to your strange American schooling system, if you are not American but rather European or Asian then I apologise.)

Cider > Lager

Tea = Coffee

Sarsaparilla = Best soft drink ever

Dr. Pepper = Second best soft drink ever.

Ginger beer = Third best soft drink ever.

Mint choc chip = Supreme ice cream.

And that covers the important things, if there is anything you wish to ask me don't be shy to send me a Private Messag
e/Note, I will happily answer anything you wish to know.
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Listening to: Aviators - Set Me Free
  • Watching: THE SCREEN
  • Drinking: COFFE!
Ok so I keep going to drawe things and it gets halfway through before I just... stop.
Sorry 'bout the lack of uploads guys but I'm sure one day ou just come on and be like "WOW HE'S DRAWN LIKE A BAZZILIONTY(Borderland tm) THINGS!". I hope that day is soon.

But for now I'll just keep doing like three quarters of things unfortunately ;~;


Touka by MaybyAGhost
I haven't drawn properly in a long, long time sadly!

But I decided to get practicing again, here's a little sketch I did a few weeks back based of something that came up on google images, I'm sure I'll finish it at some point but don't hold out hope! cx

Anime Girl Thing by MaybyAGhost
Anime Girl Thing
So, today I downloaded the Photoshop trial. This is the first thing I have ever drawn on Photoshop, it definitely could've been better but I'm sure I'll improve over time c:

Hope you like c:
Stop lying to me.
I see the sadness in you,
why do you hide it?
it's weird depression
the moment you think it's gone
it's back

suddenly there are thoughts in your head
you remember the knife you keep next to your bed
you never touch it
but it's there just in case
the thoughts you are thinking, you can't outrace

and it's weird depression
the thoughts say goodbye
just because of that person said "hi."
they gave you purpose
and they still do
and it's because they are the world to you

you know
it's weird love
problems now gone
all you thought was right
was wrong
they showed that to you
and proved that you care
about the life you live
despite it being unfair

it's weird depression
how it comes and goes
but as long as they're here
i'm happy
who knows?
It's weird depression
I am going through rough times right now, literally as I'm writing this I am crying my eyes out thinking of what purpose there might be to my life.  That is why I wrote this.
The smallest flame,
the smallest spark even
can create the largest impact
and change the world around it

The potential is there,
just let the sparks fly
don't burn in anguish
and be extinguished by tears of sorrow

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Happy birthday. I really hope you have a gr8 day, real talk.
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And if you have free time please visit the rest of my gallery to see if you find something else you like :)
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Will do!
I love your drawings, they're awesome! c:
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